sandys-donuts We make on average over 10,000 donuts a day. On Saturdays that number is usually over 13,000.

sandys-donuts We use over 140 tons of flour each year. We need those farmers.

sandys-donuts You can get our donuts at many convenience stores throughout the community

sandys-donuts Our leftovers do not get thrown away. Each night we pack up what we have left and deliver it to shelters around town.

sandys-donuts You can order your donuts ahead of time and go straight to the front of the line to our pick up area.

sandys-donuts We deliver donuts all over the community for a small fee.

sandys-donuts We can even deliver to your out of town events. We have a minimum order and a mileage charge.

sandys-donuts We offer same day pick up and delivery on our main selection of donuts (subject to availability).

sandys-donuts We are always looking for our next great staff member. We love to train people to make or sell donuts.

sandys-donuts We have many contests on our Social Media sites where you could win free donuts.