Being part of the community is very important to Sandy’s Donuts. So much so that we have made it one of our core values.

Every night we end our day by boxing up all our leftover donuts at both locations. These donuts are then delivered to shelters and non-profits the next day. Places like the New Life Center, Ronald McDonald Houses, Salvation Army, Churches United, YWCA Shelter, Great Plains Food Bank and many others. This has been a wonderful blessing to so many people including all of us here at Sandy’s. We have had the privilege of hearing some heart warming stories from these organizations and from people who have been involved with them. This truly is a great community.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Philippians 2:4

“We start fresh every night making donuts for the next day. All of our leftovers are boxed up and delivered to shelters and non profits in the community.”

Sandy’s Donut Run 5k & 10K

Every year on the first Saturday in November we have the now famous Sandy’s Donut Run. Donuts, Hot Chocolate and Coffee on a cold November morning – what more could you want?!

With the Long John 10K and the Donut Hole 5K – there is a distance for you! Both distances will include a Donut Aid Station called the DONUT ZONE half way through the race! Here you can replenish yourself with a tasty Sandy’s Donut – AND if you completely finish a donut – you can even take ONE MINUTE off your finish time! Bring your friends and family! The Donut Run is a family friendly event – where all are welcome!

Space is limited – only 700 runners are guaranteed a spot! Make sure you secure your spot in the SWEETEST FALL RACE!

Of course at the end of the race we celebrate with more donuts and more coffee. Come out this fall and enjoy one of the year’s lasts runs thru wonderful West Fargo and Elmwood Park. All profits from the event are donated to the New Life Center. A shelter that has been helping the homeless and hurting go from merely surviving to truly thriving since 1902.

Giving Hearts Day

Sandy’s partners with Jail Chaplains for this annual Day of Giving. Jail Chaplains is a nonprofit that works directly with the 7000 inmates that pass thru the Cass County Jail every year. Bible Studies, individual counseling, faith-based chemical dependency programs and mentoring are just a few of the things offered by Jail Chaplains.

Every Tuesday we drop off donuts for the men’s Bible study but the big event happens in February on Giving Hearts Day. We make as many Red Velvet Donuts as we can on this day and donate $5 for every dozen of them we sell. What a great way to send someone a treat and help a great non-profit as well. Jail Chaplains even has volunteers that will deliver donuts right to you for no added cost. Treat some co-workers, employees, loved ones, or even the boss on this fun day.

National Donut Day

This is one crazy day! We partner with the Salvation Army of Fargo to bring awareness of their services and to raise a little money for them. They are a perfect fit since National Donut Day began with them many years ago. Back in World War 1 Donut Lassies from the Salvation Army would make donuts on the front lines for the troops. The Lassies and their donuts truly helped boost moral for those soldiers. These donuts became known as Donut Girl Donuts.

Sandy’s starts out by donating over 1000 Donut Girl Donuts that the Salvation Army gives away. We also give away over 1500 of those same donuts in our stores. Now that is just the tip of the ice berg on this day. We make another 15,000 donuts or more to sell in our two stores, donating $1 from every dozen to the Salvation Army. This community loves donuts and they love to support the Salvation Army. It is always a fun day but If you are planning on donuts for this day please order in advance or come early because they go fast.

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