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Chocolate Iced Sprinkled

Marble Cake

Old Fashioned Sour Cream

Dirt & Worms

Old Fashioned Glazed Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Angel Iced

The Homer

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NDSU Sandy’s Donut Club

We like to think of Sandy's Donuts as the official donut of North Dakota State University. These donuts are delicious and have been bringing people together for decades.

NDSU Sandy’s Donut Club

I believe that Sandy's Donuts has created a strong bond with the Fargo community! The appeal of being able to socialize, while enjoying an outstanding donut, has been brought to a whole new level. If I had to choose, my favorite part about Sandy's is meeting new friendly faces. It's truly remarkable how a simple concept can lead to friendships that will last a lifetime.

NDSU Sandy’s Donut Club

At Sandy's, there is a donut for everyone to enjoy. It's the one place that ultimately brings people together. Discovering the one thing which brings people to socialize common interests is priceless. With all certainty, it's clear NDSU was built on Sandy's Donuts!