Stop & Smell the Donuts

This will be our very first blog. I just thought with our new website we should also have a blog. We are looking forward to sharing all kinds of information with you on this blog. We hope to share recipes, new ideas and how to make things. It will be the very first blog I have ever done so please be patient with me.

We love donuts and I want this to be about everything donuts and a little more. I will not share my political views or pictures of my dog. I will share a lot about donuts in general and a little about Sandy’s Donuts. We are adding onto our production kitchen right now and once it is done we will have so much more space to play around with all kinds of wonderful donut ideas. We are working on a glaze that is infused with a local craft beer right now along with a root beer flavored donut. I will let you know how those went in the next blog.

This is going to be a very short blog this time because we are still trying to get the new site up and running. Please Take Time to Stop & Smell the Donuts